RFID Tag Types available from RF Tags SA

Passive RFID Tags

Passive RFID Tags can be supplied in the 125kHz and 868/915MHz frequency ranges. Tags can be supplied in a variety of form factors with custom versions being available at short notice. Tags can be supplied in ISO18000 compatible or full ISO18000 compliant format. ePC RFID tags and readers are supported.

Our OREtraK Mining system uses “Tag-Talks-Only” tags due to the very high read response speed required when using OREtraK with chutes. Due to the fact that the tag will respond after a random delay when it is “illuminated” by the RFID reader, without requiring any commands from the RFID Reader (unmodulated RF), response times are minimized.

Currently RF Tags can supply Passive RFID Tags for our OREtraK ore tracking system, gas bottles (fits to the guard ring), ID Badges / Cards and wall mounting puck type enclosures.


Active RFID Tags

RF Tags is currently able to supply low cost Active RFID Tags with variants supporting monitoring of Tamper Attempts, Temperature (Ambient or Item), Movement, Battery Voltage, Vibration, G-Force and Orientation. A version with a GetHelp button is available for Man Tracking applications.

Our Active RFID Tags use our own CodeHop technology which makes Tag Substitution as a means of removing assets virtually impossible. What happens in substitution attacks is that tags are monitored by a Active RFID Tag reader operated by a thief. The tag is then “cloned” and the duplicate tag introduced into the area in which the asset to be removed is located. Because Active RFID systems by their very nature randomly transmit their data, relying on the randomness to ensure that some transmissions get through to the reader, even though other transmissions may be lost due to “collisions”, the fact that 2 identical tags are now present will not be noticed by the reader system, provided that the data transmitted by the clone is identical to the data tranmitted by the real tag (including time, checksums and any other data transmitted). The thief now destroys the “real” tag to prevent it being detected by any exit point reader and removes the asset. Destroying the tag will also render any movement detection facilities on the “real” tag useless. Because of our CodeHop technology this attack will not work with our tags, particularly due to the very long randomisation sequence we use which ensures that a short observation of a few weeks will not reveal any discernable pattern.


Our standard Active RFID Tags have a range of approximately 30 meters with longer range variants available. It must of course be remember that, all other things being equal, longer range cost battery life.