Active RFID System Evaluation Kit

An affordable and easy-to-use active tag evaluation / demo kit packaged in a hardy case which is particularly convenient for testing or demonstrating RFID concepts to potential customers or management.

It is also a convenient platform for testing and developing software and software concepts. The affordability makes it ideal for RFID training courses, technical colleges, and potential user familiarization.


Active Tag Reader Kit

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Active Tag Reader with Internal Antenna (ATR-USB-01)
  • 10 x Active Tags with Battery Status Indication bit (tag size 30 x 35 x11.5mm – BAT-01)
  • 1 x Memory Stick with Drivers, Documentation and PC Software. The source code for the PC software is included on the Memory Stick in VB, C# and C++
  • 1 x Plastic Carrying Case


Key Features

  • Active Tag Reader uses a single byte Command Structure
  • Reader retains configuration in Power-Down allowing configuration to be done before installation
  • Tag read range of the reader selectable between Short Range (up to 5 meters) and Long Range (up to 25 meters) by Reader Command
  • Buzzer and LED indication for Tag Read. The buzzer can be disabled by Reader Command
  • LED indication of data transmission to and from the PC to which the reader is connected
  • Reader power supplied by the USB connection
  • Micro, Mini and Demo PC Application software downloadable from the RF Tags web site. Much of the software is free-of-charge
  • The batteries of the BAT-01 Tags will last between 3 and 10 years depending on the Transmission Repeat Rate programmed into the tags during manufacture



  • Free telephonic or e-mail support is available for 30 days after the first support call is logged
  • Training videos and documentation are available on the RF Tags web site
  • Training courses available at the RF Tags premises in Pretoria or On-Site. Check the web site for details of training course schedules. For On-Site training, please request a quotation
  • RF Tags can develop custom software to suite your application


Practical Deployment of Active Tag Systems

The Active RFID System Evaluation Kit can be used to implement small RFID systems. Large scale implementations will often require different readers as it is not practical to have a PC with USB connected reader at every read point. As described below, RF Tags has the equipment to REALIZE YOUR RFID APPLICATION.


  • The items supplied with the Evaluation Kit form part of the growing range of Active Tags and Readers available from RF Tags SA
  • A number of %u201Ccanned%u201D applications are available from the RF Tags web site and the number of these applications will be added to on a regular basis
  • Requests for applications to be made available on the web site will be considered on merit and if considered to be of general interest, will be added to the web site whenever possible
  • Larger systems can be constructed using our LAN and RS485 reader variants
  • These support either PoE or PoD (Power over Data %u2013 a simplified version of PoE available on our RS485 readers)
  • RF Tags has an extensive range of communication options available for connecting the LAN and RS485 readers


Student Scheme:

RF Tags, as part of its social responsibility, would like to offer all students, studying in any discipline, whether at Senior School, Technical Colleges or University, the opportunity to purchase our 'Active Tag Evaluation Kit' at a subsidised rate. A portion of the cost of the Kit will be borne by RF Tags as a contribution towards the development of the RFID Industry in South Africa.

This reduced price is limited to a maximum of two Active Tag Evaluation Kits per student.

Students are encouraged to contact RF Tags to access this subsidy. The only requirement to qualify for this subsidy is (faxed) proof of a valid student registration card.

Proof of payment for each Kit must be faxed prior to shipping taking place which will be counter to counter postage at the Post Office.