RF Tags SA – History

The involvement of Axicon, our associate company in the UK (www.axicon.com), in RFID increased over time and considerable RFID development resources were established in the UK. RF Tags Limited (www.rftagsltd.com) was registered in the UK as an Axicon spin-off company concentrating soley on RFID.

When BiStar in South Africa was liquidated Axicon UK took over much of the technical and engineering skills the company had developed as well as many of its designs and some of the patents. In 2002 a small operation was started in South Africa to develop RFID applications based on technology and experience previously gained. In June 2004 Axicon Auto ID SA cc was officially registered. The South African company had the benefit of the shared heritage with Axicon UK and shared many technical resources with the UK company.

In order to emphasise the focus of the South African company it was decided to change the name of the company to RF Tags SA cc in July 2005

In South Africa, smaller companies can be registered as Closed Corporations which are a form of limited liability company with relaxed requirements in terms of auditing, financial controls etc. Closed Corporations have some disadvantages when operating internationally such as limited access to foreign capital. For this reason the company name was changed from RF Tags SA cc to RF Tags SA (Pty) Ltd in October 2007.